Ch. Chelsea CoCo Chanel

Ch. Barksdale Lochlaren Liaison, ROM ex Ch. Chelsea Summer Blonde

AKC DNA #V370623 Rod-Cone Dysplasia Type 2 (PRA) - non-carrier Normal Thyroid OFA Link to Greta's OFA page

2004 - 2018


On February 14, 2018, Greta crossed the rainbow bridge.......Beautiful as ever to the end. It's truly the end of an era here at Chelsea. Every dog here is her desendant....either son or daughter, grand kids or great grandkids!!


With the passing of her cousin Diva, Greta is now the oldest dog here at Chelsea.........

Greta is one of those bitches breeders dream of.....She finished her championship easily with all specialty majors. She bred naturally, was an easy whelper (litter of 9 in 3½ hours!) and was THE perfect mother. Careful, calm and attentive, there was no hanging out in the whelping box and having to watch her every minute! She had everything under control. Every dog here is a descendent...daughter, son, grandkids and great grandkids!! Healthy her entire life, she continues to rule the roost!

Greta is the dam of three champions. In the Fall of 2012, two of Greta's kids went to the Dixon specialties in Northern California with 14 points each. Harlow (Ch. Chelsea Blonde Bombshell) finished with a 5 point BOS/BOB beating rough and smooth bitch specials!! She is sired by Ch. Chelsea T' Crown Regent of Squire, HIC. Grissom (Ch. Chelsea Casanova Cowboy) finished his championship with a 5 point major by going BEST OF BREED from the classes!!! He is from Greta's 2nd litter sired by Ch. Edenrock King of the Road. She is also the dam of CH. Chelsea T'Crown Legacy of Squire, HIC who finished with 4 majors!

Greta, representing our 11th generation of breeding, made her show debut in the spring of 2007 as a two year old! She went to 5 shows and won two majors. One major came under Bruce McIIvoy of Hanover Collies and a few weeks later she won WB & BOW for another major under Steve Haslett at the Los Padres Collie Club.

Just coming back into coat, in January 2008, she won a four point WB & BW under Phyllis Autrey at the Southern California Collie Club. She finished two weeks later at the San Gabriel Valley Collie Club with a 5 point Best of Winners under judge Amber Shields Turner. Finishing with four specialty majors, she was owner handled all the way and won all her points from the Bred By Exhibitor class!

Greta's "Collies Online" ad - November 17, 2012

Collies Online ad

Greta is shown winning a major at the Los Padres Collie Club under one of my favorite judges - the late Steve Haslett of Applause Collies.

Greta....getting some much needed rest right after whelping 9 puppies in 3½ hours!

Congratulations on your first litter! Typical of our bitches she is the most wonderful and caring mother.

Like her cousin Diva, because of our move to Southern California and our remodeling project, all breeding plans were put on hold. Fortunately for us Greta didn't miss a beat! She whelped a litter of 9 on February 1st, 2009 at 5 years old. See the bitch puppy below that we kept and the pick male who went to the Mothersell's of Squire Collies. Click here to see their pedigree. Greta's 2nd litter was whelped May 30, 2010. We kept a male puppy from that litter who just finished his championship!

Jean Harlow

Ch. Chelsea Blonde Bombshell


CH. Chelsea T'Crown Legacy of Squire

Finished with four majors!

AND she is the dam of GCHB Chelsea Casanova Cowboy, the top winning special who finished #4 Hawkins TOP TEN in 2014!

Grissom at 7 weeks

See Greta's "Collies Online" ad - May 2007

This win under Steve Haslett was very special. Not only because of who he was, but he gave Greta's dam (Ch. Chelsea Summer Blonde) her first major win from the 6-9 class!

Greta is shown finishing her championship - WB & BW for 5 points under judge Amber Shields-Turner at the San Gabriel Valley Collie Club!


Pictured (on left) at 6 months with her brother, Buddy (Ch. Chelsea Major Obsession)

A beautifully-bred bitch, on her dam's side, she is a granddaughter of Ch. Chelsea The Crown Prince and Ch. Chelsea Charidan Carte Blanc, ROM (dam of 7 champions) and is a granddaughter of Ch. Southland's Bowen Island, ROM (BOB 2003 CCA) on her sire's side! Click HERE to see her pedigree!

Greta at 6 weeks

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