CH. Chelsea Blonde Bombshell

Ch. Chelsea T' Crown Regent of Squire, HIC ex Ch. Chelsea CoCo Chanel

Congratulations to Harlow's son, new Ch. Chelsea Here Comes The Sun!!! Rory finished with 4 specialty majors!!

Harlow pictured @ 10 weeks

Harlow pictured @ 8 weeks

Harlow with her chilled semen litter of two boys, sired by Ch. Larkspur Shake Down the Stars II in August 2016. We co-own Rory, Ch. Chelsea Here Comes The Sun! A beautiful litter, but we were so hoping for a girl.


Harlow pictured in 2014, after whelping a litter of 8. She whelped them in record time! A wonderful mother!!

Harlow congratulates her beautiful sable daughter, "Whitney" Ch. Chelsea Pop Princess - She won Southern California Collie Club Futurity in Fall of 2014 and finished her championship in the Fall of 2015! Her son Josh, Chelsea Special Request, CD TDX ACT1 HIC CGC was a top performance Collie in 2016! Ch. Chelsea Here Comes The Sun, just finished his championship!!

Jean Harlow

I have had a lot of really beautiful puppies over the years, but I think Harlow just might be the prettiest one ever whelped here! In every breeder’s lives, there comes those times when you just have a feeling that a particular puppy has that "certain something".  From the beginning Harlow was one of those puppies. Her dam, "Greta" (Ch. Chelsea CoCo Chanel), is one of my favorites and because of our move to Southern California, breeding her was delayed until she was 5 years old. Harlow’s sire, Ch. Chelsea T’Crown Regent of Squire (Ch. Chelsea The Crown Prince ex Ch. Chelsea Charidan Carte Blanc, ROM) owned by Tim & Marilyn Mothersell was almost 9 years old when it came time to breed CoCo Chanel, and yet I felt so strongly about the breeding, that I was willing to take the chance (turned out he had plenty of sperm!). Two months later, I was rewarded with a beautiful litter of 9. The first puppy born was a big beautiful, blonde puppy bitch. As I dried her off, even before seeing any of the other puppies, I knew this was the one! She was robust and animated with a take charge personality from the moment she emerged. Not only was she big and strong, but she was the most beautiful pure-for-sable color, with one of the cleanest heads I have ever seen! I knew the moment she was born, there was no way this bitch was going anywhere but here!!!

Representing our 12th generation, Harlow went to 5 shows in the Spring of 2011 and won majors at two of them. The first one came under Phyllis Autrey at the San Diego Collie Club, where she was Winners Bitch and Best of Winners for 4 points. Her second major was won under Jeff Silverman Presley at the California Collie Clan, where she was Winners Bitch and Best of Winners for another 4 points! After sitting home all summer (2011) in beautiful coat, she was entered at the Southern California Collie Club with her coat starting to unload everywhere! Under longtime breeder/judge/handler Roz Durham, Harlow won WB, BW & BOS/BOV & BOS/BOB (over all rough and smooth bitch specials) for 4 points!

Fast forward to November 2012.......Harlow finished her championship on the first day of a 5 show specialty weekend, where she won Winners Bitch, Best of Winners, BOS/BOV & BOS/BOB beating 8 rough and smooth bitch specials for a 5 point major!! Thank you Roz Durham for another memorable and exciting win!

Harlow finished her championship with 4 specialty majors and was shown exclusively in the Bred By Exhibitor class!!

Harlow's "Collie Expressions" cover!

Collie Expressions' cover story

Collies Online ad

Harlow's "Collies Online" ad - November 17, 2012

Harlow is shown winning a 4 point Best of Winners at the San Diego Collie Club under Phyllis Autrey - February 2011.

Harlow's first show at the San Diego Collie Club (pictured above) was something else.......She is such a character and when it comes to food, she has no scruples..... During the lunch break, I set down my bowl of Chili to go take pictures of her half-brother's Sweeps win (Ch. Chelsea Casanova Cowboy). Unbeknownst to me, the minute I left, she climbed out of her pen in order to get the bowl of Chili. When I came back, chili was all gone and Dave Marvel had a hold of her outside the pen. I have never had any dog ever climb out of an exercise pen (like a monkey). That day she climbed over the top 3 different times! That was also the day they skipped over her class because they thought she was absent. I had not entered her in the morning show so we had not picked up her armband yet! Fortunately, the judge allowed the BBE class out of order and she went onto Best of Winners for a 4 point major!

A beautifully-bred bitch, she traces 6 times to Chelsea Evening Elf (one of our foundation bitches) and 10 times to Marnus Chelsea Morning (our other foundation bitch). Both Foundation bitches were purchased in 1972!! Not only does Harlow trace 6 times to our first champion, Ch. Chelsea Gold Mist, but she is a descendant of just about every champion we have bred (in some cases, multiple times). She is a descendant of some of our finest bitch champions......Ch. Chelsea Charidan Carte Blanc, ROM (2X's), Ch. Chelsea Summer Blonde, Ch. Chelsea Shadowgold (2X's), Ch. Chelsea Ice Castles (4X's), and Ch. Chelsea Castles In the Sky (2X's).

Click HERE to see her pedigree!

Our beautiful Harlow at 6 weeks

Harlow's "Collies Online" ad

June 4, 2011

Harlow's "Collies Online" ad

October 28, 2011

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