All the puppies from our 2011 litter are in their new homes!

We kept two tricolor girls (Rihanna & Ziva)!

Rihanna & Ziva - pictured at 6 months!

Rihanna 6 mos

Rihanna 6 mos



See the You Tube video below


Sired by Chelsea Casanova Cowboy ex Chelsea Diamonds and Pearls

Click HERE for a copy of the pedigree

We have been breeding Collies for 40 years and have owned many of the relatives of the above puppies. The dam (Hannah), the sire (Grissom), both grandmothers (Greta & Diva), two great grandmothers (Camille & Wendy) and a great great grandmother (Betsy who is 14) can be seen on the premises. We are working on our thirteenth generation!

Puppy buyers reap the benefit of our years of experience, knowledge and breed expertise. We have provided family pets for years and many puppies go to repeat buyers. Additionally, over the years we have sold many dogs that have finished their championships for other people.

We are not casual breeders......just putting dogs together to make money. Most of our dogs are either champions or well on their way to their title. We also do Herding Instinct Tests and we do most of the health screening available. Each breeding is carefully thought out and our goal is to produce beautiful, sound and healthy dogs....thereby bettering the breed. Each breeding is done with the intention of keeping the best to continue on......

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