Chelsea City Squire, CGC

Sired by Ch. Tartanside Impresario ex Squire's Chelsea Imprint (points)

OFA Number CO-1621E40M-T & Normal Thyroid
DNA Profile #V22412

Bred by Gayle Kaye and Marilyn Mothersell

From his only litter came Ch. Chelsea The Crown Prince

Bodie relaxing

In Memory of Bodie's Owner, Edward McFall, Jr

Edward McFall, Jr

Ed McFall wasn't a Collie breeder or exhibitor and probably no one will recognize his name. Likewise, few will know that he was probably one of the greatest Collie fans the breed has ever known! Not only was he a longtime breed enthusiast, but he was also completely devoted to the different dogs he owned throughout the years. It all started in 1943 when the "Lassie Come Home" movie made its debut and cast a tremendous impression upon 5-year-old Ed McFall. From that point on he decided Collies were the only breed for him! Over the years Collies would come and go, most living long idyllic lives.

In 1998 I met Ed at a local dog show, when I noticed a man quietly studying one of my dogs from every angle. This went on for several hours and I finally asked him if there was a problem. Clearly flustered, he said the dog he had been staring at was the most beautiful Collie he had ever seen (Ch. Chelsea The Crown Prince). Thus began a friendship and Collie affinity that would last until Ed's passing in November 2000. When I first met Ed he had Toby, who was one of the many rescues he adopted over the years. Ed, soft heart that he was, gave the aging tricolor male, a home to live out his senior years. Ed knew he would be looking for another dog fairly soon since Toby was an estimated 11 or 12 years old at the time and Ed was never long without a Collie. Several months later Toby passed on and Ed was able to acquire from me, Bodie, who just happened to be the father of the male Ed had first fallen in love with at the dog show! They hit it off right from the start! Since Ed was retired, Bodie became his constant companion and the love of his life! Nothing was too good for Bodie and for 2½ years it ended up being the perfect Collie home that every breeder dreams of finding. Everything was going along smoothly when in June 2000, Ed was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer and given 3 months to live. He survived two months longer than the doctors' originally thought and many of us hoped he just might beat the dreadful disease, but on November 29th 2000, Ed passed away peacefully at his home.

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